• Me: ugh ive got a sore leg i better google whats wrong
  • Google: Brain tumour with a life expectancy of 2 weeks good luck
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when ur mum starts asking u things just as uve woken up image

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I sighed and wept for what could not be—and for all that could have been. Lang Leav (Lullabies)

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In Farsi, an expression of love that’s commonly used is, “fadat besham”, which literally translates to, “may I be sacrificed for you”. Dreams of a Dreamer (via analyticalmuslim)

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If a black woman and a white woman both need emergency obstetric care, a Brazilian doctor will assist the white woman because of the stereotype that black women are better at handling pain and are used to giving birth.

IPS – Brazil study: Racism Is Bad for Health | Inter Press Service

Read the rest of the study at the link, with details on how this racism in healthcare plays out.

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A beautiful mess